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Living Archive offers a window on one musical family as perceived through the microphone and lens of Living Archive's founder, violinist Nicholas Kitchen. Living Archive has recorded in audio and video nearly 1,000 concerts of this musical family. This family includes Violinist Nicholas Kitchen and Cellist Yeesun Kim (Yeesun and Nicholas are partners both in music-making and in life) and Violist Mai Motobuchi and Violinist Kristopher Tong. These four musicians make up the Borromeo String Quartet. This musical family also extends to include many layers of activity: activities at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and with many presenters and musical colleagues all around the world.


Well, actually, Living Archive is here to encourage you to come to live concerts! Music is a human exchange. Just as you can not know someone only through a picture, you can not know a piece of music only through a recording. But can you enjoy a recording and learn from it? Can you benefit from explanations of how all the elements fit together? Yes!! And with that background you can engage yourself in the live event with a sense of deeper knowledge. Providing that deeper knowledge is why this site is here, so that you may enjoy more deeply the experience of sharing music with other human beings.